Top 10 Dating Apps Reviews for Hookup 2019

As we all know, this is an Internet era, an ear when you can find anything and anyone with you phone. What an amazing time, right? The most obvious situation is that hook up apps are totally taking over our world, no matter you like it or not. Never before has hopping online to find a hook up or a long-term partner been so easily socially acceptable. You don't even have to buy anyone a drink like in a bar, there is a chance to hook up with them. What a great time to be alive! When you are using these top hookup apps that can offer you in favor to connect with hundreds of hot women or handsome men. You are capable of talking with potential hookup partners, which you may won't be reach if you are hooking up at a bar.

Given the fact that, using these top dating apps can provide you better opportunities for one night dating and casual hookups. Putting out feelers for a causal hookup with strangers can get a little danger. Finding the right person would take some time as well on hook up apps. If you are into someone, you need to exchange some messages to see if you two are fit for each other. Just don't present too strong or make each other feel uncomfortable. And of course, using the right and top hookup apps can get into a great casual hookup. People are seeking casual hookup at a time when new hook up apps are constantly coming up to help them get into the relationship they are looking for. Come to find out the top hook up apps to start your game.

When you are using hook up apps to seek casual hookup, there are some basic rules to keep in you mind that will make you have a wonderful hookup. The first is making it clear what kind of relationship you are knee to. If you are here for a good causal hookup instead of a serious relationship, and then explicitly explain in your profile at the first beginning. Being direct with others who are seeking for one night or hookups will save each other's time.

How to approach perspective hookup partners you are matched with is the common thing you want to know. Transparency and politeness are priorities. What you need to pay attention to is you won't offend or scare someone who is interested in a casual hookup. One more thing you need to keep in mind is that test the water before starting a hookup. Wish you have a great time with these top dating apps.

Tinder dating app

Tinder helps find singles nearby

#1      Tinder  

  (4.9 / 5)         Get App

Tinder is no doubt the top one dating app online. Tinder , a dating app, many people think it is just for single men or single women. However, you are wrong. Tinder is open for not only single people but also married couples. It is open for people of all sexual orientations. It is open for all professionals. It is also open for habitual loafer. There are no restrictions on age, gender, nationality or religion, and so on. People in this dating app are hunting for online dating, friendship, relationship, and even FWB and NSA dates, casual lovemaking, etc. Everyone here has their own goals. They are constantly searching for different dating objects on the Internet. This online dating app allow them to recognize what they want to live on earth.

Tinder among all the dating apps has the biggest impact on people's online dating life. It pioneered the service of one night dating or one night hookup, FWB and NSA date, homosexuality, casual lovemaking, and so on. The online dating life of people from all over the world has changed dramatically. The coverage of their hookup life is from small cities to metropolis and from domestic to foreign counties. People can experience a different one night dating with different people. There is no limit on the age, gender, sexual orientation, etc. of people. The Tinder's user can be a student, a doctor, a teacher, a gay, an old man or woman, and so on. It can be anybody with any age and occupation.

Tinder is so attractive because it respects everyone's choices and meets all users' needs as much as possible. Being respected can improve people's sense of self-identity and self-existence, which will make a person more confident. Modern people's life pressure and survival anxiety are very serious. We will feel pressure because of our life, work and social relationships. This dating app allows you to completely release your stress and be yourself. Why not have a magnificent one night hookup? You don't need any promises, and everyone is liberal. No one will blame you for it and say you are immoral.

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Hookup App

HooKoo - Casual Hookup App

#2      HooKoo

(4.8 / 5)         Get App

Hookoo is famous for its function to find one night hookup online. Now Hookoo, a top dating app, has billions of customers from all over the word with different beliefs and cultures. Hookoo as an hookup online app is a comfortable place for people to have fun here. Here, people from Australia, England, America, South Africa, etc. gather here to make friends. Here you can easily find someone who has the same interests with you. You can share your opinions about some books, some movies, some political events, and so on. You can talk about whatever you like. Of course, you can build a community to hold all the like-minded people.

Hookoo is one of the top hookup apps. There are many reasons why it is so popular among people. The most impressive one is that it can meet all people's needs, including casual lovemaking, loves between gays, FWB and NRA dates, and so on. As long as these things are not contained in those expressly prohibited, Hookoo can fulfill all their desires. What's more, Hookoo has three special features. They are swipe, discover and chat. These function make it more easier to hookup online. With these spark advantages, Hookoo becomes one of the top dating apps.


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Bumble app

Bumble is a private detecor

#3      Bumble

(4.7 / 5)         Get App

Bumble gives you more chances to meet your friends and have a date. At present, there are more than 30 million people have registered Bumble, which is a famous dating app in the dating app area. With the change of the times, the way of making friends is different from before. People are more inclined to date and make friends by chatting online.

When it comes to online dating, many people will automatically link scammers with spam messages and so on, thinking that this is true of all hookup apps. But now Bumble is trying its best to eliminate prejudices about online dating. That's why tens of thousands of new users are flocking.

Three unique models give Bumble the lead in the highly competitive market of dating websites. Dating model, making friends model and career model make Bumble really different from other top dating apps. That’s what makes Bumble special. Bumble takes full account of respect for women and people's need to make friends and create new jobs. Bumble has always been at the forefront of dating apps, paving the way for the hookup app market, constantly optimizing its functions and settings to provide users with the best experience. If you are interested in it, it’s time for you to join in Bumble.

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Okcupid hookup app

Okcupid is a free dating app

#4      Okcupid

(4.6 / 5)         Get App

OkCupid is the top dating app and hookup site in the world. The reason why Okcupid becomes the one of the world's top dating apps because its features are different from other average hookup apps. Registering here can show more prominence of your personalized features and something beyond your photos. Filtering conditions tailored to you which can help you match the most suitable dating partner. Don't worry about not meeting new friends, Okcupid is your best dating platform. OkCupid does not discriminate against different sexual orientation. No matter what kind of relationship you are seeking, you will be treated equally here.

You just need to focus on connection and relationships that you are interested in, and ignore those that you are not interested in. No matter how special and different the person you are looking for is, Okcupid can help you find out.

In the registration application, we have prepared some questionnaires for you, you can choose to answer or skip them, which is based on your wishes. One advantage of answering questions is that our system automatically excludes people you are not interested in and determines who you really are. Written description can't express how perfect OkCupid is, you should really feel it by registering it right now.

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Hinge app for hookups

Hinge connects you with local singles

#5      Hinge

(4.5 / 5)         Get App

Hinge is a dating app used by billions of people from different countries, including America, the United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, France, and so on. Its customers come from home and abroad. Hinge is designed for people to dating on line, no matter you are single women or single men, no matter you are young or elder, no matter what occupation you are, no matter you are interested in men or women, Hinge is always open for you. Here you can find one night dating, casual lovemaking, FWB and NSA dates. Whatever kind of relationship you want, the top hookup app can always help you to find.

On the other hand, Hinge has three features. These three features are hinge, likes you, and matches. Every feature is easy to operate. Simple operation can always make a good impression on people. Because it can help people save a lot of time. Too complex operation may let people impatient and upset.

Nowadays more and more people download Hinge, it indicates that Hinge, the top dating app, is welcomed by tons of people. Its advantages are much more obvious than other hookup apps. Its convenience and practicality are the most important factors that makes people fall in love with it.

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threesome dating app

3rder is the No.1 threesome dating app

#6   3rder

(4.4 / 5)         Get App

3rder is a top hookup app among hookup apps, especially at threesome field. Although other hookup apps also can provide platforms for you to flirt with strangers, 3rder has its own features. This is a special place for threesome, as it’s different from usual one night hookup. However, no matter what you are a single or in a relationship, as long as you are interested in threesome thing and have an open-mind, then 3rder is designed for you. With a very easy and neat interfaces, 3rder could catch your attention at first sight.

3rder is a tinder-like app, offering a Tinder for threesomes and it plays an important role in your one night hookup. 3rder will provide you with a community that full of open-mind couples and the singles who want to try some exciting threesome things. You can flirt with the people who have the same hobby around you. In 3rder, your needn’t worry about your personal information will be disclosed, because 3rder never ask for your other social accounts.

Happn dating app for singles

Happn makes love happen easily

#7   Happn

(4.4 / 5)         Get App

Happn: A dating app can help you hook up with your desire in the real world

Happn is a dating app with more than 50 million registered users. It's easy for happn to connect you with the people you pass in the real world. This is beyond the reach of other top dating apps. At the same time, you can look at the timeline and see how many times you passed this person if he downloaded the happn app as well. This greatly increases your chances of dating in the real world.

According to the other top hookup apps I know, there are no dating apps like happn that connect two real-world people. In this regard, happn has made great contributions and efforts. Technology is improving, but it seems that our social circle is getting smaller. Sometimes we depend too much on the internet, but the friends we make may be thousands of miles away. Maybe we will never meet. But what happn matches with you are people who are close to you and appear in your real life.

Here you can send secret like and play some mini games. Now, you can start your free hookup journey, and you will meet many interesting souls.

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Pure hookup app

Have a better pure dating

#8   Pure

(4.3 / 5)         Get App

Pure is a one night hookup app to look for one night dating. With its unique clean, black and white comic interfaces, it looks very cool and easy to use. One of the most biggest feature is self-destructing, every users only has one hour to seek for one night dating match. If you haven’t get your match within one hour, your self-profile and information will be deleted. As long as you like others and others like you, can you get a chatting window and chat with others. By the way, the chatting window is the only way you can contact with other users.

However, although time constraints ensure data security and add a unique style to the site, you usually have to work effectively at the right time and place. Otherwise, you will end up in a ghost city without anyone around you on the Pure. Nevertheless, if no strings-attached, random, and cautious one night dating is your favour, it would be the perfect way to satisfy your sexual desires.

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coffee meets bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel

#9   Coffee Meets Bagel

(4.3 / 5)         Get App

Coffee Meets Bagel has a large and majority female user base. Besides,it has very user-friendly interface with much guides. And the biggest pros of CMB is that point system allows you to increase your chances of success with increased app use and more detailed profile.

Coffee Meets Bagel is more of a dating app than a hookup app, so this is a good place for women to seek for a long-term relationship. As there are more female users than male users on Coffee Meets Bagel, some functions are designed for women particularly. With Ladies’ choice, we can give women better control over their dating experience. Different from other hookup apps, Coffee Meets Bagel enables people to refocus their time and energy on those who take the next step seriously. We hope to inspire all singles around the world to feel like dating again.

Come to Coffee Meets Bagel you’ll receive matches every day at noon. And the matches are based on your Facebook, it means the matches are more suitable for you. Coffee Meets Bagel just a ice-breaker between you twos. Then, you can start a chat with your matches, maybe the one is your life-long partner.

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Zoosk app

Find singles on Zoosk app

#10   Zoosk

(4.2 / 5)         Get App

As we all know, Zoosk is a top dating app in the world. It is used by more than 30 millions people. People think zoosk is an international popular hookup dating app. It has been translated into 25 languages and has been used by more than 80 countries. It has a full social function which benefits many hookup online people. Zoosk just likes a big pool filled with different kind of fish. You need to catch fish according to your hobbies and interests.

If you find the person has the same likes with you, you will find there are many common words between you two. You share your pain, your happies, your achievement and your problems in your life. He or she will be a very good listener. You also can build a relationship with someone you are interested in. Here you can develop any kind of relationships, including homosexuality, casual lovemaking, FWB and NSA dates, and so on.

Like many top dating apps, if the basic function doesn't satisfy you, you can charge to subscribe. When you become the VIP member of them, you can do whatever you want, like flirting with them, sending messages or having a video call, and so on. So don't let your destined one missed, be active to join this top hookup dating app.

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transgender dating app

Transdr is the No.1 transgender dating app

#11   Transdr
(4.2 / 5)         Get App

Have you ever worried about that there is no place where you can make friends with transgenders? Have you ever felt frustrated that people will not accept you because you are transgender? Now, I can tell you that there is a heaven that you can make friends who you like and accept you without any conditions. Maybe you will ask me where the heaven is? And should we go somewhere is far from my home and my country? The answer is no. And you can get to it easily. Just pick up the phone that you can find the App in your phone’s App store. The name of the App is Transdr which is the abbreviation of transgender, and that is easy to remember and search.

There are so many apps that we can make friends with transgenders, so why we choose Transdr? Firstly, Transdr is an App which is the NO.1 in the rank of transgender dating software and gathered the transgenders from all over the world. And this App anti the fetish and accept the unique people whether you are the person who change the gender from woman to man, man-to-woman or something else. Because of its inclusive, most users choose it.

There is no discrimination, no derogative words such as shemale, ladyboy and tranny. Actually users are strictly screened manually by us. You can sign in this App with Facebook, or you can register an account by your valid email address. And then setting your profile. You can fill in your personal information such as your name, your age, and your location. In other words, there are some basic information can be fill in. What’s more, there are some other features in this APP. You can add some pictures in your profile, they can be public or private, and it’s up to you. Of course, it is better if you have a photo verify. You can type Headline, About my match and About me that others can know you better. In addition, you can type your information more detail, such as your eye color, ethnicity and so on.

You can choose your sexual orientation, HIV test education and sexual role as well. When you are browsing the web page, you can set your filter condition by your orientation and then our system will match the accurate person for you which help you save the most of the time. Or you can search for the person who is last login, newbies and near you. You can give the thumbs-up and comment on others’ pictures. If you subscribe the VIP service, you also can chat with the people you are interested in and know who likes you. About the VIP charge standard is: 14.99 $ 1 month ,29.99$ 3 months and 49.99$ 6 months. At the same time, we will collect your information when you use this app but keep it secret which can help us to improve our products. With its complete function and the professional team, choose it as your best choice. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately. Our team will be with you all the time when you use this app.

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