The Most Popular Hookup Dating App for Positive Singles

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Tinder-Best Hookup App for Positive Singles

Nowadays, we are surround by many hookup apps, and which app you should choose maybe a headache. Here is an amazing app worth to try, maybe you’ve heard of this app already, which called Tinder. As the most popular hookup app among top dating apps, tinder would never fail you. We’ll be your best mate when you’re want to meet new people here. Whenever and wherever you need tinder, we’ll be there for you immediately.

Tinder is easy to operate and has much fun with only two main parts. One is called Matches, here we can see matches as long as we get swiping. If you swipe to left, it means you dislike or have no interested in this person. If you swipe right, it means that you are interested in this person. Once the person you swipe to right also swipe to right, you got the match. Then you can strike up a conversation with them by sending them a message under “Matches”. About the matches, you can set the maximum distance and the age range to filter the matches. And you can see the profile of the person by swipe upward, on the contrary, swipe down you can close the profile. On the profile you can scan six photos of the person at most, just need click the mouse. Besides, by drugging the photo to straight upward, you can mark this person as your super like.

Another main part is called Messages, here you can check the message you received and sent. By the way, if you don’t want others find you, you can turn off the switch of showing you on tinder. While the switch is turned off, you’ll not be seen in the card stack. But you can still see and chat with your matches. In this case, you’ll not be bothered by massive messages, if you don’t want.

Here we provide a Tinder Gold for you. As you upgrade to Gold you’ll have no limits in Tinder. First, you can see who likes you and match with them instantly. Second, getting full access to top picks, likes you, unlimited swipes & more. Third, controlling your age&distance to limit what others see about you and you can swipe around the world. Fourth, if you want to go back the person you had swipe to left, Gold Tinder will be unlimited rewinds. If you want to mark someone as your super like, Gold Tinder has five free chances a day. Get the Gold Tinder, you also can swipe right as much as you want and without any ads. If you choose to purchase the Tinder Gold,your payment will be charged to your iTunes account. The payment of one month is $29.99, six months is $112.99 which is just $18.83 for a month and $149.99 for twelve months which is just 12.50 for a month in average. However, if you don’t want to purchase it, you can still use Tinder for free.