One of The Best Transgender Dating Apps-Transdr

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Transdr-One of The Best Transgender Dating Apps

By means of multiple kinky dating apps, people can get more transgender dating choices. These kinky dating apps cannot only help users save much time, but also break the limitations of time and space. Transdr is one of the most reliable and popular transgender dating apps. It provides many interesting and useful functions to help people find their ideal transgender dating partners in a short time.

Main features of Transdr:

Browse: This part contains two main functions namely Spark and Search. With Spark, others’ profiles will be listed. If you swipe right, that means you are interested in this user and you can get a match if this user is also into you. And if you swipe left, that means you are not interested in this user and his profile won’t be presented to you any longer. Well, with Search, you are able to search users according to “Last Login”, “Newbies” and “Nearby”. What’s more, you are able to filter your ideal members by resetting the age range, location, body type and so on.

Moments: In this part, members can share their lives and appreciate others’ beautiful photos. Two pages are available to you, namely “New” and “Verified”. You can choose according to your needs. Not only can you share your feelings and anecdotes, but also you can like or comment on others’ moments. Because the Transdr support team will verify these photos every day, these pictures that disobey the rules won’t be listed to you.

Links: This part consists of “Connections” and “History”. In the Connections, you can see which members give you roses, which members viewed your profiles, favored you and also your favorites. Well, in History, you can view the members you liked, liked you and the matches.

PROS and CONS:Transdr


1. The interface is clear and you can make the best of the kinky dating app even if you are new here.
2. In order to prevent users from missing these interesting features, the subscription will renew itself automatically at the time of expiry.
3. The price of the VIP membership is relatively cheaper. And after you upgrade to the VIP member, you can enjoy all its features without any limitation and you can also have many priorities over free members.
4. Whenever you meet any problem when you use this transgender dating app, you can connect with the customer service team and they will reply to you as soon as possible.


1. It won’t conduct the background research. Thus, if these members have committed crimes before and are less than 18 years old cannot be verified.
2. Some features can only be enjoyed by VIP members.

Transdr is one of the largest and most popular transgender dating apps. Here, you can have fun and meet many beautiful and handsome transgender people.