Happn: A Dating App Help You Hook up With Your Desire in Real World

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Happn-Hook up With Your Desire in Real World

Happn is a dating app with more than 50 million registered users, and at t least half of the users are currently active on this platform every day. When you brushed past a person on the road who is your ideal man/madam, but for various reasons you have no contact with him/her, and since then you have missed the opportunity to further communicate with him/her? Now happn gives you a chance which create chat opportunities with people you're afraid to communicate with in the real world or those who cought your attention, but you didn’t dare to approach. So do you want to contact them with a try? Maybe they feel the same way about you.

You may ask how it works? Happn's work away is fairly simple.
When you brush past another person in the real world who also downloaded happn, her profile will appear on your app. This may seem incredible, but happn has such a powerful search function. It's a good way to connect two strangers. It also increases your chances of dating. Because the world is getting bigger and bigger, and our circle of friends is getting smaller and smaller. Happn links our online chat with our real world and creates more possibilities for us. It also adds interest to our life. And this feature is beyond the reach of other top hookup apps. This is also a special feature of happn. Its unique design concept and operating system are designed to improve the dating probability of our modern people.

At the same time, you can check the Timeline to confirm which profiles you cross each day. And you can see when and where each profile appears. If you see a person's profile many times, it means that you meet many times in the real world, which shows that the rhythm of your two lives are very similar. He/she maybe is your predestined friend. Then maybe you can take some action now.

If you really like a person very much and want to attract his attention, you can now send secret like to the other party, which will not let him know, but unless the other party likes you, your secrets will not be just secrets. Yes, if two people like each other, it's not just a secret. We're trying our best to match you up. You just need send a notification like “Hi” which costs one credit.

According to the other top dating apps I know, there are no dating apps like happn that connect two real-world people. In this regard, happn has made great contributions and efforts. And we’ve added some mini games on which you can guess who like you best. That sounds interesting, doesn't it?

And it's worth mentioning that we will keep your personal data confidential. You don't have to worry that your information will be leaked. Start your free hookup journey now, and you will meet many interesting souls.